Educating our Future Generation

Amanda has three workshops to offer that are all quite different and very unique but all provide the children with valuable life lessons  beyond that of classroom education

The first is called “ The Sky Is Not The Limit”. It provides skills that they can take with them through life in how to deal with the challenges we face. It  gives them an important lesson on resilience.  It also teaches the importance of patience and acceptance that can help us through so many difficulties we face in the world today.


The second is called “The Balance of Life” .This deals with the fundamental issue of mental health . It offers the children the understanding of obtaining a healthy balance both mentally and physically in life. Amanda encourages children to believe that negative factors, however hard they may be, are necessary to give us an equal and stable balance in our lives. It stresses the importance of how actually feeling sad and down is a necessary part of life and that we need sadness to contrast the happiness.


Finally there is a workshop that covers friendships, relationships, and communication skills. It is called “Cookies In An Airport”. The younger  a person can learn good communication and social skills, the easier it is for them to make their way through life happily and confidently. Social skills are vital in life in so many areas. To understand people, relate to them and to show empathy are skills that even as an adult we find difficult.  Helping children to start learning these skills when they are young can provide them with early building blocks to take through life  and build on further.

Each workshop involves pupil participation in different ways. and on different levels.

The workshop will last for about 1 and a half hours and there is time at the end for pupils to ask questions. workshops are offered to educational establishments (all ages), groups and institutions, e.g scouts/ guides and caters for small groups of about 10 to about 30 .


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