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Ben Smith 401 Challenge

"You get very few chances in life to meet people that just amaze you, Amanda is one of them for me. I drew on her inspiration during my dark times of the challenge."

Letter from a year 3 pupil 

"Mum, this lovely lady came in who taught us the importance of being brave and making sure we get up when we are knocked down again."


    Will's Amazing Story of Resilience And Determination To Get better For Christmas.

                                      By Charley Mcadams, Will's mum

"In the Autumn term of 2017 Amanda visited St Mary's School in Clymping where both my children,William 7 and Hannah 4 go. one of the schools values is perseverance and this was the topic for the term.. The children were all mesmerised by Amanda's story and William was talking about it at home for days after. He had seen true perseverance and was amazed by Amanda's positive outlook. In December William became unwell with strep throat which developed into a really nasty condition called Steven johnson Syndrome. It was a really horrible time and at times difficult to remain positive. One day in hospital Will said to his dad that he wanted to be out of hospital and home for Christmas. he siad he needed to be like Amanda and show perseverance! William did exactly that , he started doing all the things the doctors wanted and began to prove them wrong. He was determined to get home by Christmas and with a bit of convincing managed to get discharged on 23rd December! Whilst in hospital I made contact with amanda to let her know the amazing impact her talk had had on Williamand how her story was helping him (us) get through such a tough time. amanda got in touch and we have remained in touch since. we have even had a visit to Amanda's house."

    Thank You so much !


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